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Bad era

These are pictures of michael in the Bad era, Enjoy!!!

Bad Rehersal

This is Michael rehersing for his Bad world tour!!!
Bad Tour

These are the type of crouds that Michael can produce Worldwide!!!!!

Dirty Diana !!!

Michael performing the song 'Dirty Diana' Live !!!
Bad Tour !!!

'Bad' Mysterious

This was Michael when he first came onto stage with the Bad Tour !!!
Michael in Leather !!!!

michael live on his amazing bad tour!!!!
The 'Bad' Album

The bad album sold in exess of 26 million copies !!! Making it the second biggest selling album in the world only behind his previous album 'Thriller' which sold in exess of 53 million copies !!!!!

'Bad' Live !!!

Smooth Criminal!!!

This video is one of Michael's favorite video's of his own !!!!
Michael in Japan !!!

This is a picture of michael in Japan with hundreds of kids !!!

Michael Jackson !!!

This is a picture of Michael in an advert for shoes that were released as 'Unstoppable michael jackson' Trainers !!!!

Don't use
Please don't take any of these without permission or michael jackson will moonwalk all over your face !!!!