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michael jackson
michael and madonna

moonwalking michael !!!

Victory tour
Billie jean

HIStory tour


We are the world
Thriller video

Michael jackson in his most amazing video to date (ghost)
Michael on tv guide magazine

Michael Jackson has the Worlds BIGGEST selling album (thriller) the BIGGEST selling home video (the making of thriller) and to this day he still continues to WOW!!! crouds worldwide just by saying a few words! when you see him either perform or just talk you realise actually how powerful he is !!!!! he has millions of people who would do ANYTHING!!! for him just to have him to say hi to them! This is just one of the many thigs that make Michael Jackson The King Of Pop!!!!!

Michael's bad tour

mj on stage
Michael at the VMA's

MJ art
michael at exeter football club

Michael Jackson

Sil's Sony Vs Michael Drawing !!!!!


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